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Fluent CFD

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A Short Course for Engineers

ANSYS Fluent is a popular engineering computational fluid dynamics (CFD) package. This short course is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of the interface and modeling through engineering exercises and physical models.

This course is not an introduction to CFD, nor is it intended to replace courses such as ME 412 which introduce CFD concepts.

Access to Fluent

We will meet in an EWS computer lab which has ANSYS/Fluent installed already. ANSYS 14.5.7 is available in the Windows labs, while the Linux labs currently support ANSYS 12.1.1. You can purchase an academic license for ANSYS from the campus Webstore.

Access is also available using the CITRIX client (14.5.7) or the nxclient with X-forwarding (12.1.1).

Course Notes & Exercises

Download the compressed file associated with this web page listed above.


First Session (19–20 February)

Second Session (10–11 March)